Update on Chemo Treatment

We went in for my 2nd round of chemotherapy in the 2nd regimen this past Wednesday. The doctor met with us after checking my vitals and sent us home, because my blood cell count was so low. He said we should give it a break for a week, and to come in next Wednesday for chemo. He said I’m at risk now for infections. We are choosing to focus our energies on positive steps, as an opportunity to gain some weight and strength to fight. We’re working on eating healthily, incorporating some alternative measures and managing the side effects. We’re encouraged daily by cards, prayers, pictures from KCS students and even a round of golf on Thursday with the KCC golf gang!

Please continue to pray with us for:

  • Wisdom for our doctors
  • My blood count to rise
  • Against infections
  • Christ to be glorified as we trust in Him.