Update (July 1)

We met with my oncologist on Wednesday to learn about the results of the June 22nd C.T. Scan. The scan revealed the cancer is not aggressive, but it is progressive. The tumor on the pancreas has grown and the cancer, which had already spread to the lungs, has continued to spread and grow.  If there is good news in the report, our oncologist says Ron is looking as good as anyone could be with six months following since the diagnosis (pancreatic cancer, stage 4).

Since we’ve tried the best two chemo-mixes for pancreatic cancer and neither seemed effective, we’re talking with our oncologist about treatment options including more chemotherapy or entering a clinical trial somewhere on the mainland.  While this was not the news we had all been praying and hoping for, we know the One in whom we’ve placed our hope is worthy of our trust. He has a purpose and a plan and we will do our best to live it out for His glory. We are beyond grateful for your love, support and partnership in prayer.

Much Aloha,
Ron & Dee