Set Back but Trusting the Lord

I had the 2nd chemotherapy in the new regimen on March 7th, and the very mild side effects have allowed me to both work and play. My brother Joe and his family (wife Lori and 3 daughters) came from Nebraska to see us and we’ve had some wonderful times with them. Dee has been cooking a very strict diet recommended by our doctor, in an attempt to starve the tumor. I’ve learned to enjoy foods I never thought I’d eat. This past Wednesday, March 14th, we went to receive the 3rd chemotherapy in this cycle. For the second time we were sent home because my white blood cell count had fallen so dramatically. Though this is a setback, we’re trusting the Lord and seeking His guidance as we look to Him for healing. Thank you, family, for your faithful prayers, for your kind expressions of love and support. We love you!