Next Journey

Because of increased pain, the oncologist increased the frequency of medication. In addition, I have a procedure Friday morning (July 27) to block the pain by deadening the nerves. I prepared a videotaped back-up for my message in case I’m still groggy by T.G.I.F. on Friday evening.    I’m going to fly to Seattle on Monday to enter a clinical trial at Virginia Mason Medical Center. This trial is new, but has shown some encouraging results in the small sampling they have. We will have initial tests, wait for 6 days, and then do the trial on August 9th, hopefully returning on the 10th.   Dee has encouraged Rocky to accompany me this time, as we’re going to try to work in a fishing trip to Alaska between the tests and the administering of the trial. This was on my bucket list! Thank you for your love and support for Dee and me, for our family through this journey!