Heading to Seattle July 31st

At the beginning of this journey, I told you I’d be honest and transparent with you. I’ve attempted to be both. This update is difficult. Since July 4th, the pain level has intensified and, this past week, has ramped up at times quite dramatically. We’ve been working with our doctor to manage it through more frequent medication. He’s considering higher dosage and a pain blocker.  We’ve made an appointment at the Virginia Mason Med Center in Seattle for July 31, as I’ve been invited to participate in a trial which has shown some effectiveness. We will keep that unless another research center responds to us with a more promising immunotherapy trial. We’re SO grateful for your love and prayers. Every cancer is different, as is every individual’s response to various remedies. Pancreatic cancer is in a class by itself, one of the worst. We’re relying on the Lord, doing our best to find His direction in this maze. You can best help us by praying for us as we consult with our doctors regarding treatment.