Thank You for Your Love!

I had my 4th chemotherapy January 31 - February 2. I told you I’d not sugar coat it. I’ve been sick a lot this past week. (I’m learning firsthand what some of our other cancer sufferers in our church family have or are are presently experiencing.) One of the bizarre side effects I’m having is an occasional and brief piercing feeling in my right palm, like a spike. What a wonderful reminder of the infinitely greater suffering our Savior endured voluntarily, that we might be forgiven! Thankfully, I turned a corner and began feeling better on Thursday. I’ll have a C.T. Scan Monday, to determine the effectiveness of this chemo mix. If effective, we’ll continue; if not, the doctor will switch to another mix. As this “off week” has been good with past treatments, I’d scheduled myself in the speaker’s lineup. I’m hoping to be there. Eun Ahn, scheduled for next weekend, offered to step in if I need a backup.

Thank you for your love, support and prayers!
-Pastor Ron & Dee