C.T. Scan Results

I had the C.T. Scan on Monday, Feb. 12, and we met with the oncologist on Wednesday. His report basically said:

  • minimal, if any, growth of the tumor
  • no change in the “spots” on the lung. (still inconclusive as to whether those are cancerous)
  • we will switch from to a different chemo mix beginning next Wednesday, in hopes the new mix will shrink the tumor
  • I’ll have chemo 3 weeks on, 1 week off
  • Another scan after 2 months to determine effectiveness

It wasn’t the good news we’d hoped for; It wasn’t the bad news we dreaded. It was news, and we remain hopeful, and hope is in Him. 

Thank you for your prayers! Please continue to pray that:

  1. New chemo mix will shrink the tumor (healing!)
  2. Spots on lungs/spleen will disappear, OR, be found to be non cancerous residue from the past
  3. New chemo mix will be more tolerable
  4. God will be glorified by our trust through this season

Pastor Ron