Results from clinical trial

I had the CAT & PET Scans Tuesday in Seattle, and we met with the doctor on Wednesday. It wasn’t the news we’d hoped for, as the clinical trial did not prove effective. The cancer has continued to spread. We know the Lord could still step in with a miracle, for which we pray. Either way, we need to make the most of the time I have remaining.    We flew to Nebraska on Thursday to spend some time with family. Rocky came with us to Seattle to support us, and he kindly flew to Nebraska with us. (He and Anadara have given us so much sacrificial support since their arrival December 7th, a few days after my diagnosis.) My Dad’s 91st birthday was this past Wednesday. We’ll see him, Lance and his family, our siblings and their families. We left the return date open-ended, so that we won’t be under time pressures by a scheduled flight.  We rest in the Lord. Now is the time to put into practice the belief we’ve held and proclaimed through the decades, to hold onto the great and wonderful promises of our Savior. “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me shall live even if He dies!” (John 11:25) He will bring us all through this. We so appreciate your love, your support and your prayers.   Grateful for You,  Ron & Dee