Hitting the Links & Medical Next Steps

Since the 2nd chemotherapy (Jan. 3 - 5), I had a few down days, but mostly better and better. I’m able to eat and even played 9 holes of golf with our KCC golf gang on Thursday! We met with the doctor on Wednesday and, though he’d reduced the dosage by 50% for the 2nd treatment, we agreed to boost it to 75% for the 3rd treatment, January 17 - 19. The goal is to keep the level as potent as possible, keeping it tolerable. If the cancer has not spread, or if the chemo knocks out any that has spread and if it reduces the size of the tumor, it may be possible down the road to surgically remove part of the tumor. They’ll do another scan in early February to see if the chemotherapy is working. Typically the goal with this type of cancer is not “cure”, but prolonging life. However, we know the Lord can use medical procedures or, with a touch, bring complete healing. We’re asking for that, trusting Him every step of the way and can say with joy, “We do not lose heart.” Thank you for your prayers, cards, notes and loving support!