Update from Ron

It has been a joy to stay connected to our weekend services through either live stream or through Facebook following, with a little help from Rocky. Thank you Danny for making this availa-ble. The worship has been wonderful as we’ve been able to join with you in lifting praise to God, though mine are often lip syncing.

It has been an even greater joy to hear the many reports of your appreciation of Bryan, Caz and girls. I’ve so appreciated Bryan’s preaching. I love the series and the wisdom he’s showing to bring the church family, new and old, together with our shared story of God’s leading through the decades. The Biblical bases, the illustrations, his natural humor and applications have just been excellent in my humble opinion. Bryan’s desire to know us translates into wonderful relationships over time. When I asked for his feedback this week, a wise man told me it’s like a stew. The longer it simmers, the better it gets.

Bruno’s the buzz. Following the first of 3 concerts at the stadium last night, the staff and folks here in Hospice are either excited or complaining about the traffic back to the Leeward side following their 11:00 o’clock shift. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we made Jesus the buzz of our conversations? I had a neat opportunity to do so this morning. As the Lord opens doors, let’s gently walk through be it a testimony, an invitation to church or a church activity.

By God’s grace, it’s been so good to be here. The kind, caring attention has made it so tolera-ble. Dee, Rocky & Anadara have been a blessed presence. Though we have to really restrict visitors, we continue to be buoyed by your prayers, emails and notes. Thank you!

Grace to You

Pastor Ron & Dee