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Harvest 2017 - Hamada Ohana
Harvest 2017 - Pastor Ron & Dee
Harvest 2017 - Claudia Murphey & Friends
Harvest 2017 - Norm & Lorna Hong
Harvest 2017 - Huynh Ohana
Harvest 2017 - Marie, Pastor Ron, & Dee
Harvest 2017 - Robert & Aries Jackson
Harvest 2017 -  Face Painting


Senior Pastor, Kaimuki Christian Church

Position Description: Lead a 650+ church body, 15+ staff team, 300 student school and a 2+ acre campus into all that God desires for this ministry consistent with KCC’s 2020 vision summarized below:

By 2020 and God's grace, we will...

Grow deep and strong as God’s family through small groups and inter- generational relationships, displaying our Island people in the mosaic of Christ’s Kingdom.
Build a home on this block to serve our growing family.
Extend Jesus’ love, acceptance and forgiveness from Kaimuki into the ends of the earth. 

A disciple will...

  • Love God
  • Connect with One Another
  • Serve the Lord
  • Reach the Lost 

The Senior Pastor will be responsible for leading and shepherding all aspects of spiritual growth, discipleship and leadership development that will result in guiding the church body and community to loving God more, connecting with one another in more meaningful ways, serving the Lord with all their gifts and talents, and reaching the lost of this family, the community and beyond. 

General Responsibilities:

  • Commitment to adopt and extend KCC’s mission, vision, core values/ DNA of love and grace.
  • Consistently and clearly communicate God’s vision and passion of your calling and heart to lead and inspire the KCC community to be true disciples of Christ.
  • Develop and implement a clear and inspiring leadership development program and culture for staff and church body that fosters individuals hearing God’s calling in their lives and inspires commitment to full time ministry or consistent serving at KCC.
  • Commit to and meet all of KCC’s By-Laws criteria for Senior Pastor/ Pastor(s) and statement of faith (will provide at interview stage of process)
  • Pursue and maintain a daily vital spiritual relationship with God.
  • Commit to transparency and humility with elders and staff.
  • Defend Biblical values and world views.
  • Commit to Sticky Faith approach to building cross-cultural and inter-generational healthy church body centered on Christ.
  • Develop a highly qualified team led by the Senior Pastor to perform weddings, baby dedications, baptisms and funerals, and other functions that are best suited for pastoral staff. There should be at least two (2) other trained pastors able to also perform these responsibilities.
  • Lead and encourage Ohana Group’s leaders and members to be Jesus’ hands and feet to the KCC body through all of life’s celebrations, trials and tribulations (encouragement, teaching, evangelism, health and sickness)
  • Be consistently present in and around the campus and Worship Services to make and develop personal connections with church body, KCC and KCS Staff and students. 
  • Be active in the community through involvement with selected community/business organizations as part of KCC&S' community outreach ministry.

Specific Responsibilities:  Serves in collaboration and under the direction of the Elder Board to:

  • Prioritize to seek to honor Christ as Lord and Savior in all aspects of the ministry.
  • Learn and understand and commit to adopting KCC’s rich spiritual history, current vision, mission and core values. And then discern how God wants Senior Pastor to lead KCC into the future to develop a vibrant, healthy and growing inter-generational body of Christ that will reach and guide the next generation and our community to Christ.
    • Serve as a thought leader and catalyst in strategic planning and shaping KCC’s ministry toward emerging generations and integration into a inter- generational church life.
    • Clearly communicate this vision to the KCC Staff & church including Holy Spirit inspired strategic plan to successfully implement
  • Set clear vision, schedule and collaborate with appropriate Staff team to effectively implement vibrant and inspiring worship services. This is critical so that Staff team and volunteers can plan ahead to contribute and enhance these services.
  • Collaborate with Staff and Elders to annually develop a prudent financial strategic plan/ budget(s) consistent with God’s vision and KCC’s policies and past practices. Work with Elder Board, Finance Committee, associate administrative pastors and accounting department to “manage/ steward God’s resources responsibly and with high integrity”
  • Adopt, implement and enhance KCC’s accountability and performance standards for Staff team with Executive and Administrative Pastors including a clear method to evaluate and track progress that can be reported to the Elder Board in an executive summary manner.
  • Collaborate with Elders and Staff team to design, develop and implement a comprehensive leadership development program for Staff, interns, church members, KCS students that consistently produces world class Christian leaders at KCC/ KCS.
  • Be the spiritual leader & shepherd who teaches, inspires and is a high-integrity example (Ephesians 5:22-23) to church body, Staff and community to know God more and become more like Christ.
  • Collaborate closely with and submit to Elder Board to hear God’s voice and implement God’s plan for KCC & KCS.
  • Develop and implement a clear path, strategy and ministry to reach the current generation and community in East Oahu and beyond for God in all aspects of pastoral ministry.
  • Review, embrace and enhance standards and protocols for important ministry services to the KCC body and community including but not limited to baptisms, weddings, funerals, Ohana (small groups), counseling, hospital visitation etc.

Staff Management & Development:

  • Set a high standard and be the main cheer leader for KCC’s Leadership values into the heart of every ministry
  • Ensure the Love-Connect-Serve-Reach discipleship vision implementation design continues to permeate every ministry with measurable metrics
  • Foster a collaborative/ team environment among KCC’s Staff
  • Set the priorities with the Executive and Administrative Pastors on Leadership, development and management of KCC’s Staff Team
  • Work with Executive and Administrative Pastors to ensure that Ministry Action Plans for Staff team members and Ministry Leaders are reviewed annually and Staff are provided with insightful coaching, feedback, and appropriate adjustments
  • Work with Executive and Administrative Pastors to assist them in developing a clear system to hold them accountable to their roles and responsibilities including annual “calling” reviews.
  • Work with Executive and Administrative Pastors to plan strategic retreats for Staff Team, Elders and or upcoming Leaders for skill and teamwork development.
  • Work with Executive and Administrative Pastors to ensure alignment of Staff team, ministries and resources toward execution of KCC’s vision, mission and core values
  • Lead, hold accountable and consistently meet with KCS senior management Staff to make sure they are aligned with KCC spiritual priorities, and create strategic opportunities to partner with KCS and community in reaching unchurched/ de- churched families and individuals
  • Develop and implement a clear plan to communicate key decisions, stragetic direction and initiatives in inspiring ways to Elders, Staff Team, School Team, Church Body and community. 


  • Collaborate with appropriate Staff to set the strategic direction for a clear, effective and comprehensive church and community communication strategy. With strong emphasis on teaching, community outreach, video, web and print media (i.e. worship service teaching, Ohana group tools, public relations, bulletins, Ka Nalu, etc.) 

Qualifications (Education & Experience):

  • Undergraduate degree as a minimum
  • Prefer Master of Divinity
  • Three (3) to Five (5) years as a teaching pastor with significant strategic planning and administrative experience. 

Hiring and Termination:

  • The position will be full time. Compensation will be determined by Elders and governed by appropriate Salary Scale and Benefit policies.
  • The Senior Pastor is responsible for all staffing strategies and hiring processes with collaboration, consent and elder board approval.
  • Termination may be initiated by the employee, or the elders.