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Harvest 2017 - Hamada Ohana
Harvest 2017 - Pastor Ron & Dee
Harvest 2017 - Claudia Murphey & Friends
Harvest 2017 - Norm & Lorna Hong
Harvest 2017 - Huynh Ohana
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Harvest 2017 - Robert & Aries Jackson
Harvest 2017 -  Face Painting


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Update from Seattle

Posted: April 20, 2018

We flew to Seattle’s Virginia Mason Medical Center on Sunday, underwent tests on Monday and the doctor wanted to compare the images with those from Queens Med Center in December to determine the extent of the spread of the cancer. The tumor on the pancreas has apparently not increased in size, but the nodules in the lungs have seen moderate increase. The pancreatic specialist in Seattle recommends returning to Honolulu for another eight weeks of chemotherapy followed by a C.T. scan. Thank you for your continued prayers! -Ron & Dee