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Harvest 2017 - Hamada Ohana
Harvest 2017 - Pastor Ron & Dee
Harvest 2017 - Claudia Murphey & Friends
Harvest 2017 - Norm & Lorna Hong
Harvest 2017 - Huynh Ohana
Harvest 2017 - Marie, Pastor Ron, & Dee
Harvest 2017 - Robert & Aries Jackson
Harvest 2017 -  Face Painting


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Specific Ways You Can Pray for Ron & Dee

Posted: January 09, 2018

During my 2nd chemotherapy treatment (Wednesday noon, January 3rd – Friday noon, January 5th), my reaction was much better this time. Following those 2 days, I’ve had ups and downs with some good days with less nausea and some more difficult days and nights. It’s now Tuesday morning and I’m feeling pretty well, but there are always the surprising and unpredictable nuisance side effects.

Your prayers, cards and encouraging notes have been an amazing blessing. Dee is amazing, the selfless servant that she is. It’s been wonderful to have Rocky, Anadara, Brooks & Weston nearby, dropping in when I’m up to it. My oldest brother Jerry is planning to bring my Dad for a visit in early February. I’ve been so encouraged to hear reports of folks stepping forward to serve in new ways, of our church growing even stronger during this time. That’s just like the Lord to do this. 

Please pray:

  • For strength and weight gain prior to the 3rd chemotherapy on January 17th.
  • For Dee’s rest and strength as caregiver.
  • For others in our church family and their caregivers presently going through similar circumstances
  • For the Lord to be glorified as we, His church, look to Him in faith.