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Harvest 2017 - Hamada Ohana
Harvest 2017 - Pastor Ron & Dee
Harvest 2017 - Claudia Murphey & Friends
Harvest 2017 - Norm & Lorna Hong
Harvest 2017 - Huynh Ohana
Harvest 2017 - Marie, Pastor Ron, & Dee
Harvest 2017 - Robert & Aries Jackson
Harvest 2017 -  Face Painting


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Posted: April 27, 2018

“We returned from Seattle this past Sunday. Following tests at the VirginiaMason Medical Center and visits with the oncologist, he concluded the tumor had not grown since the first images taken in December. That was encouraging. The images did confirm, however, that the cancer has spread to the lungs and the nodules there have grown mildly. He felt we needed to return to the second round of chemo, giving it more time, as it had been interrupted every other week due to a plummeting white blood cell count. The plan is to have chemotherapy every other week, giving the blood cells time to recover. I had the first one this past Wednesday, with tolerable side effects. Your prayers and words of encouragement have buoyed us in the Lord!”