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Harvest 2017 - Hamada Ohana
Harvest 2017 - Pastor Ron & Dee
Harvest 2017 - Claudia Murphey & Friends
Harvest 2017 - Norm & Lorna Hong
Harvest 2017 - Huynh Ohana
Harvest 2017 - Marie, Pastor Ron, & Dee
Harvest 2017 - Robert & Aries Jackson
Harvest 2017 -  Face Painting

Fast & Pray for Ron

To all Ohana Group members,

We trust that you experienced God’s joy during the Christmas season. Now that Christmas is over, we have an important request.

Would you think about taking some time during the next month to fast and pray for Pastor Ron and Dee? Fasting is voluntarily giving up food for a specified time for a specific spiritual purpose. Fasting and prayer can open the door to extraordinary answers to earnest requests. Fasting in connection with prayer can lead to a deeper communion with God and open the door to experiencing God in a fresh way. Fasting and praying would also encourage Pastor Ron as it communicates our united support for him and Dee during this difficult time and also represents a meaningful step of spiritual growth.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus acknowledged fasting to be a normal part of the Christian life (see Matthew 6:16-18). Whether you fast and pray often, or if this will be your very first time to fast and pray, consider this opportunity to join our church family to be praying in unity for our beloved Pastor Ron at whatever level you are comfortable.

Here are some guidelines if you are able to share in this time of fasting and prayer. Fasting might not be appropriate for some who have health limitations. If you are in that season, consider setting aside a weekly time to pray for their needs.

  • Consider giving up one meal per week until the end of January.
  • In place of the meal, pray for Pastor Ron and Dee. Listed below are specific prayer points that they have  requested.
  • Drink water or other liquids to stay hydrated.
  • Be thankful for the opportunity to experience God and to serve Pastor Ron and Dee in this way.
  • Mail a short, handwritten note to Pastor Ron and Dee. This note could include a scripture, the prayer that you have been presenting to God, or just a short encouragement. Imagine how blessed they would feel when they receive a handful of handwritten notes in the mail regularly. You can send these notes to Ron & Dee at Kaimuki Christian Church, 1117 Koko Head Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816.

Prayer points

  • Miraculous eradication of all cancer cells and complete healing.
  • Relief from pain and the ability to have uninterrupted, restful sleep.
  • Relief from nausea and increased appetite.
  • Blood counts would be good and that the chemo treatments can continue as scheduled.
  • Wisdom for Ron's medical teams.
  • God would fill Pastor Ron’s spirit with strength, faith and the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pastor Ron would not worry about the health of our church family.
  • Strength and peace for Dee.
  • Peace and grace for Pastor Ron’s immediate and extended family.

As we trust Him together,

Your Elders
Your Pastoral Staff
Your Ohana Group Coaches

updated 2017.12.26